Standing Seam

For The Finest In Seamless Metal Roofing, Our 1″ Standing Seam Is Truly A Premium Metal Roofing System

  • 16″ width coverage
  • 1″ high ribs
  • Can be installed over decking/plywood
  • Gauges: 26ga and 24ga
  • Finishes: Paint or bare Galvalume®
  • Warranty: Painted – 40 years, Galvalume® – 25 years
  • Minimum roof slope 3:12
  • All Colors are Energy Star Rated®
The panel is designed where you install one panel, then snap the other panel over the rib of the first to hide the fasteners.

Our portable standing seam roll former allows us to produce either at our location or on the jobsite. One advantage of forming panels on the jobsite is the ability to make panels of virtually any length, from 2′ to 100′. Precision manufacturing means we can cut these panels to the inch for an exact match to your needs.

Seamless design
The hidden fastened design of standing seam not only eliminates the possibility of leaking due to fastener failure, it also gives standing seam a seamless graceful beauty.

Combined with color coordinated trim pieces, this means a permanent classic style with the strength of steel.

Timeless Look
Standing seam has been in use for over 200 years, gracing roofs such as the Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home. Choose the metal roofing style that has been around the longest, lasting for many years in almost every environment known to man.
Trim it Off

To match Standing Seam’s simplistic elegant style, we produce matching trims for everything from ridge, valley, gable, eave, pop rivets, fasteners and much, much more.

Overholt Metal Sales is there to help you, whether you are roofing a small garage, or a large home or building of any type. Let us work with you on your project to figure out what you need.

Energy Saving
Standing Seam is available in a great variety of Cool Chemistry® reflective colors, keeping your roof cooler and saving you on your utility bills every month.
From the Manufacturer

With Overholt Metal Sales, you save time, money, and hassle. Our Standing Seam roll former is just one example:

  • Save time because we can make it at the jobsite, eliminating the need for packaging or transportation time.
  • Save money by buying it directly from us, the manufacturer.
  • Save hassle because by making it on the jobsite the chances of the material being damaged in transport are virtually eliminated.